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Skankin' Homer

Skankin' Homer

Skankin' Homer played the Pittsburgh area from approx Oct 1997 to summer of 2000 gaining large following and appearing with many of the top ska acts of the era.

A mainstay of Club Laga near the University of Pittsburgh, Skankin' Homer played with The Mad Caddies, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Filibuster, Spring Heeled Jack, Punchline, and many more. The band's lineup changed a bit over the years as horn players and lead guitar players were switched out but the core of Brian Seese, Jeff Byrnes, Drew Philp, and Mike Marcus stayed intact for the entire run. Members of the band have gone on to start new bands such as The Redlines, Paging Mr. Herman, Masters of the Universe, Slick Olde Bishops (SOBs), and Marked by the Medicine.

Some cool Skankin' Homer facts:

  • Skankin' Homer song "Would You Still Love Me If I Were Fat?" was included in a 30 minute promo video for a Los Angeles independent film festival in 1998. The video was shown while people were entering the theater.
  • Skankin' Homer song "It Hurts When I Pee" was used (and may still be) was used as the theme song for Las Vegas radio stations new music show on Sundays night.
  • Brian played a solo gig at Las Vegas' Virgin Records Mega Store in Caesar's Palace where he performed mostly Skankin' Homer songs.
  • Skankin' Homer played the Ernie Ball stage on the 1999 Warped Tour.